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Development, Welfare and Democracy in Fragile Contexts

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Maison de la Paix, Room S7

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This international conference aims to analyse the pressing risks in fragile contexts, understood as those that concentrate vulnerable populations, due to climate change, economic and energy crises, supply chain breakdowns, poverty, the weakening of liberal democracies, pandemics and endemics. It will explore the challenges brought by this context from diverse territorial and disciplinary perspectives, as well as the actions to counteract them in different contexts.
Participants will analyse structural and conjunctural factors, as well as state and social policies and practices that have the greatest impact on the formation of contexts of fragility. Gathering scholars from Asia, Africa, America, and Europe, this conference seeks to produce theoretical and applied knowledge for better development, welfare, and democracy practices in fragile contexts in the Global South and North.
This conference is organised by the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy, desco (Peru) and Fundación Parcomún (Colombia), with the support of  the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), the Swiss Society of Americanists (SSA) and the Development Policies and Practices Executive Education Program (DPP).
To register for the workshop, please contact democracy@graduateinstitute.ch