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"Empty Spaces- Flow" An Art Exhibition by Abhinay Renny

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the Fab , Petal 2, 4th Floor

Join Abhinay Renny, a first year MINT (Environment and Sustainability) student from India as he explores what spaces and empty spaces mean.

His art exhibition will be featured in the Fab for an entire month with opportunity to purchase some of his artwork! 

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In the dichotomy of emptiness and fullness, we move around the world, filling
ourselves & the space with the places we lived in, places we wish to live in and
places we leave to live in other places. Sensing spaces in our own ways, what do we
carry along with us?

Living in different places and leaving people, memories, emotions behind, I walked
on the colorful rope of grief and gratitude. Grieving for the loss and being grateful for
the abundance.

Living with what we carry, I pondered on what do we bring to a space and how do we
affect it and how do we let it affect us?

In the constant flow of emptying, filling ourselves and spaces with memories,
emotions, rational thoughts, do we seek meaning out of the movement or do we
create a meaning to the movement?

At times, the lines are the borders that divides and derives the fullness of emptiness.

At moments, the lines are also the journeys humans and spaces flow through.

At times, the colors are the spaces that hold emotions. At moments, the colors are
the spaces that convey the emotions.

As there’s flow,


How does the space affect forced migration & forced migration affects spaces,
humans, who are the cause and the effect of it.
What’s full in an empty space? What flows in an empty space?




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