Centre for International Environmental Studies

EU Biodiversity Law and its Health Impacts

Dario Piselli, PhD Candidate in International Law and CIES affiliate member
, -

P1-847, Maison de la paix, Geneva

The CIES Lunch Seminar Series is a series of interdisciplinary research seminars on environmental, natural resources and development issues.

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Due to unexpected circumstances, Lavinia Darie will unfortunately no longer be able to present at the seminar tomorrow. We will do our best to reschedule her presentation and keep you informed of the new date.

However, Dario Piselli, PhD Candidate in International Law and CIES affiliate member will take this opportunity to present a related topic: EU Biodiversity Law and its Health Impacts

The establishment of synergies between biodiversity and health has become a major challenge to the coherence and sustainability of European Union law, which routinely uses health concerns as an argument for improving environmental quality but has arguably retained a fragmented, sectoral policy response to biodiversity loss and its impacts on human health.

This presentation deals with the health impacts of current European legislation in the field of biodiversity, and the possibility for a more effective integration of human health and well-being within its provisions. It addresses the progressive incorporation of health considerations in the Habitats and Birds directives and in the Invasive Alien Species regulation, the use of health-related arguments in the biodiversity jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union, and the linkage between environment and health in the application of the precautionary principle. 

To participate, please register by 19 November (noon) so we can organise lunch accordingly at: cies@graduateinstitute.ch.

As the number of places is limited - first come, first serve.