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The Geneva Forum on East Asia

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East Asia has an increasingly significant role to play in shaping the world economically, politically, and culturally.

Yet, the world still lacks knowledge about the region, which may turn into an impediment to engage this region in global governance and the international development agenda more deeply and constructively.

To bridge the gap, the China and East Asia Studies Initiative (CEAS), a Graduate Institute student initiative, has organised an annual Forum on East Asia.


A comprehensive space

The forum aims to be a platform for in-depth discussions and constructive dialogue surrounding East Asia, encouraging intellectual, professional, and cultural exchange at all levels.

It is designed to be comprehensive and consists of three pillars:

  • The academic forum holds high-quality panel discussions to address major issues in the region, bringing together prominent East Asian scholars and experts from around the world.
  • The career forum leverages the location of international Geneva and the massive alumni network of the Graduate Institute, providing students with useful advice and networking opportunities that can lead to an international career related to East Asia.
  • The social forum serves as a place of cultural exchange, embracing diversity and creating vibrancy. The target audience of the Forum is students, scholars, and professionals with an interest in East Asia and its relationship with the world.


Events Calendar


1 October

11 October, 18:30 – 20:00 CET | Opening Ceremony: East Asia and the World in the 21st Century
Online and in-person

The opening ceremony of the Forum provides an overview of current topics related to East Asia as well as a first taste of the Forum's other events. The central themes of this event will be multilateralism, the geopolitical framework, economic globalisation and building bridges between East Asia and the rest of the world.

  • CEAS presentation video
  • CEAS President’s opening remarks: Alma Weijia Chen, President of CEAS
  • Welcome remarks: Marie-Laure Salles, Director of the Graduate Institute
  • Keynote speech “East Asia and the world”: Andrew Michael Ong, Director of the Division for Asia and the Pacific at the World Intellectual Property Organization
  • Keynote speech “The world and East Asia”: Dr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel, Former Ambassador of Switzerland to the People’s Republic of China, Mongolia and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (2014-2019)
  • Panel discussion and audience Q&A: Alma Weijia Chen, President of CEAS
  • Closing remarks and outlook on the Forum

It will be possible to ask questions to the speakers using sli.do. To do so, we welcome you to bring your smartphones or laptops.

This is a hybrid event. Please register below to attend the event online or in person.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to indoor public events is limited to attendees with a Swiss or European COVID certificate. In addition, face masks must be worn to all in-person events at the Graduate Institute.

Door opening: 17:45. We encourage you to arrive as soon as you can, preferably at least 15 minutes earlier, as the registration and COVID certificate check will take some time.





12 October

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