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Geneva Peace Week Meets New York: Building Trust, Building Peace

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 777 United Nations Plaza, New York

During a 1.5-day event in New York to be held at IPI, peacebuilders from Geneva, New York, and from the field will engage in discussions on current and emerging challenges to building sustainable peace. As a contribution to the preparations for the Summit of the Future in 2024 and the Review of the Peacebuilding Architecture in 2025, Geneva Peace Week Meets New York will provide an opportunity for the broader community of peacebuilders to discuss and expand the proposals for a New Agenda for Peace and generate ideas for its effective implementation.

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The event will draw on the deliberations and findings of the 10th Annual Geneva Peace Week that will be held earlier in the month in Geneva (30 October-3 November 2023) and the ministerial meeting on the Summit of the Future held during High-Level Week in September in New York.

The overall theme for the event, ‘Building Trust, Building Peace’ will frame an interactive exchange centered on Revitalizing Prevention. In particular, the sessions will address the workstreams of the policy brief on the New Agenda for Peace, on which Geneva has specific expertise i.e.

  1. Prevention at the global level: addressing strategic risks and geopolitical divisions (boost preventive diplomacy and mediation in an era of global divisions – and address nuclear and armament risks)
  2. Preventing conflicts and violence, and sustaining peace (strengthen the role of human rights, the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, and address climate and security risks);
  3. New approaches to peace and potential domains of conflict (i.e. prevent the weaponization of emerging domains and promote responsible innovation – with a focus on technologies, regulation requirements of AI, Cyber, LAWS, etc. and reflections on future peace operations).

The event is organized by the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform and the International Peace Institute with support from the Swiss FDFA.



Please beware that the time indicated is New York time.

Tuesday, November 28th09:30-11:00: High-Level Opening Plenary on the theme “Building Trust for a New Agenda For Peace”11:-12:30:  Panel Discussion 1: From Proposals to Commitments – The New Agenda for Peace and the Summit of the Future13:30-15:00: Panel Discussion 2: Harnessing Technologies to Build a Better Future15:00-16:30: Panel Discussion 3: Addressing Climate Change through Just Transitions
Wednesday, November 29th09:00-10:30: Panel Discussion 4: Promoting Human Rights and Inclusive Societies11:00-12:30: Panel Discussion 5: AI for Peace – Harnessing the Complementarities between New York and Geneva



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