Democratic Backsliding

Global Governance in a Context of Democratic Backsliding

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Auditorium Ivan Pictet, Maison de la paix, Geneva

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2024 is a decisive year for democracies around the world, as at least 40% of the world's population will head to the polls in over 50 countries. However, while elections take place, democracy cannot be taken for granted. The Democracy Report 2024, recently launched by Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) and covering 202 countries from 1789 to 2003, highlights that the level of democracy worldwide in 2023 has declined to 1985-levels.

With a rising number of autocracies overshadowing democracies, consequences can be felt across all sectors from human rights to peace to economic development and climate policies. Therefore, what is the full extent of this regressive trend and how can it be countered?

This discussion with Professor Staffan I. Lindberg, Director of the V-Dem Institute at the University of Gothenburg, will shed light on the key takeaways from the Democracy Report 2024 and discuss its implications for democracies worldwide. Yanina Welp, Research Fellow at the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy, will moderate these exchanges.


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