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The IHEID EQUALS-EU 2022 Innovation Camp

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The Graduate Institute Geneva (IHEID)

Register now for the IHEID Gender Centre’s EQUALS-EU 2022 gender equity Innovation Camp, focussing on “Feminism and Women’s Leadership in International Law and Policy”!

Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 project, the IHEID (Gender Centre)’s Innovation Camp is one of 24 Hackathons and Innovation Camps taking place across Europe in 2022 as part of the EQUALS-EU project. Each Innovation Camp is dedicated to eliminating barriers to sustainable gender equity in the ICT sector. 

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About The camp

Any woman or minority gender who is 18+

A space to learn, have fun, challenge, and be challenged, and create new solutions for gender equity with vibrant co-creators outside your typical day-to-day network

April 28th (evening) to April 30th, 2022  

Varied locations from the UN Library, to the Impact Hub, Geneva"

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The IHEID Gender Centre’s EQUALS-EU 2022 Innovation Camp

About The Event

Composed of organisations from the ITU to UN Women, EQUALS-EU is a EU Horizon 2020 funded participatory, interdisciplinary, and intersectional project dedicated to solving the gender digital divide. In particular, it seeks to do so by creating smart, sustainable gender inclusive innovation ecosystems by building capacity and expanding networks for women and girls in social innovation and entrepreneurship.
As one of its core activities, come 2022, the EQUALS-EU Consortium will be hosting 10 Innovation Camps across 10 different countries throughout Europe. Each event will be dedicated to eliminating barriers to sustainable gender equity in the ICT sector and to creating new policy or process solutions for the digital inclusion of women and girls.
Excitingly, led by Principal Investigator Dr Claire Somerville, the IHEID will be hosting its very own EQUALS-EU Innovation Camp from the 28th of April to the 30th of April, 2022. Hosted in locations from the ITU, to the UN Library, and the Impact Hub, Geneva, this exciting event, focussing, in particular, on "Feminism and Women's Leadership in International Law and Policy," will offer its participants expert mentoring and a safe, inclusive, and creative envrionment to develop new, innovative, and groundbreaking solutions to solving the gender digital divide.
Participants will be organised into teams, and the Innovation Camp will culminate in a “pitch off,” where each team will be asked to present their solutions for digital inclusion to a panel of expert jury members.
To round off the event, the team judged to have the best solution will then be offered the opportunity to develop their work by participating  in a 6-month EQUALS-EU expert-led incubator programme. Furthermore, one member of each team will also receive support to attend the 2023 EQUALS-EU international summer school where they will develop their skills and network, and be invited to participate in a pitch-off to the Gender Equitable Investment Group. As such, the EQUALS-EU projects elevates new leaders and inventors geared to creating new real-world solutions for a gender equitable digital world. Uniquely prioritising diversity, and privileging and bringing together non-disciplinary experts and experts alike, the IHEID’s April Innovation Camp is just the beginning of this empowering process. We invite any all to register, and cannot wait to see you in April!



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Gender Centre, Graduate Institute Geneva (IHEID) 
Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2, 1202 Genève, Switzerland 



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