CCDP Research Seminar
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Molding Consciousness: Palestinian Political Prisoners and the Post-Oslo Moment

Basil Abdelrazeq Yaseen Farraj (CCDP Researcher)
, -

P1-847 (and online)

This event is part of the CCDP's Research Seminar Series hosted and organised by Augusta Nannerini (Research Assistant) and Elio Panese (Student Researcher).

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about the speaker

Basil's PhD research project centers around the Israeli carceral regime, and ways in which torture and violence practiced by the Israeli occupation have changed over the years, and the intended effect of imprisonment and torture. The research explores the Palestinian political imprisonment experience; how violence and torture has been practiced over the years; and ways in which prisons came to reflect the broader reality under which Palestinians continue to live, and the political effects of the occupation.



Each semester, CCDP hosts a series of internal seminars to give our faculty, staff and affiliates the opportunity to present their work and receive feedback. The goal of the seminars is to have an informal and frank conversation about the paper presented, and exchange ideas across disciplines and expertise, going beyond academic silos. Speakers at the seminars are both early career and senior scholars.

Augusta Nannerini and Elio Panese are organising the seminars for the academic year 2022-2023. For further information, get in touch at augusta.nannerini@graduateinstitute.ch or elio.panese@graduateinstitute.ch.