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Narratives of hunger in International Law

Narratives of Hunger in International Law

Anne Saab, assistant professor in international law at the Graduate Institute
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Auditorium A2, Maison de la Paix, Geneva

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This book explores the role that the language of international law plays in constructing understandings – or narratives – of hunger in the context of climate change. The story is told through a specific case study of genetically engineered seeds purportedly made to be ‘climate ready’. Two narratives of hunger run through the storyline: the prevailing neoliberal narrative that focuses on increasing food production and relying on technological innovations and private-sector engagement, and the oppositional and aspirational food sovereignty narrative that focuses on improving access to and distribution of food and rejects technological innovations and private-sector engagement as the best solutions. 

This event is jointly organised by CIES and the International Law Department