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New technologies for neglected diseases

Gavin Yamey
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What is likely to come out of the pipeline, what is missing, and what will it cost?

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Many medicines, vaccines, diagnostics and other health technologies urgently needed to fight diseases that predominantly affect people in developing countries - the “neglected diseases” - have not been developed. Recognizing that market incentives alone would not drive adequate investment in R&D, alternative approaches to neglected disease innovation were launched over a decade ago -- and some initiatives are now bearing fruit. However, key questions remain unanswered: will current efforts be enough to generate the needed innovations? Are we investing enough? What gaps are likely to remain, and what can be done?

Dr. Gavin Yamey will present a recently published study that estimates the costs to develop a wide range of health technologies for 35 neglected diseases. He will explain the methodology used to estimate costs of the current candidate products, as well as additional resources needed to deliver a set of priority “missing” products that are unlikely to be delivered by the existing  pipeline.


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