Joint ANSO / IHP Tuesday Seminars
Yi-Tang Lin

Numbers, Experts, and Global Health Policy-making: A History

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Room S5, Geneva Graduate Institute

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Yi-Tang Lin, University of Geneva

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Yi-Tang Lin is a historian of science, technology, and medicine. She is a SNSF Post-Doctoral fellow at the University of Geneva. Starting from February 2023, she will be a PRIMA Assistant Professor at the University of Zurich. Her first book, Statistics and the Language of Global Health: Institutions and Experts in China, Taiwan, and the World , 1917-60 (Cambridge UP, forthcoming in October), mobilizes archival material from three continents to investigate efforts by public health schools, philanthropic foundations and international organizations to turn numbers into an international language for health, and how China and Taiwan reacted to this drive towards quantification.

The Joint ANSO / IHP Tuesday Seminars is a regular series of discussions co-organized by the International History and Politics and Anthropology and Sociology Departments at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies to discuss a variety of global questions from a multiplicity of historically and ethnographically-informed perspectives.


The Seminars take place every Tuesday from 16:15 to 18:00 in Seminar Room 5 (S5) at the Graduate Institute (Maison de la paix), and are followed by an apero open to the attending public.