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Slow Fashion Workshop

Target Sustainability Initiative, CIES & EC
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Room S4 | Maison de la Paix | Geneva Graduate Institute

Are you interested in available alternatives to fast fashion? Join a fun, free and hands on workshop with apesigned to upcycle unrepairable fabric !

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*** Please note that this workshop is reserved for Geneva Graduate Institute students and staff only. ***

This workshop allows you to tackle the subject of sustainable fashion by explaining the environmental impacts of clothing waste while involving the participants.

In the first part, we will talk about the impacts of Fast Fashion and alternatives to clothing waste. Figures and tips will be given to participants to understand how to limit their ecological impacts with simple everyday gestures.

The second part is dedicated to the creation of an object by each participant as well as an introduction to sewing and group activity for a moment of collaboration.

This activity will therefore combine business with pleasure thanks to the friendly atmosphere.


  1. Slow Fashion vs. Fast Fashion Introduction
  2. A choice of two practical workshops:
    • 2a. Tawashi making: Bring your torn socks and let's make a sponge tawashi!

tawashi making

  • 2b. Tote bag making workshop: Bring your old Thirts and let's make a Tote bag together to do your shopping. (This option is seamless but two sewing machines will be available to initiate participants who so wish)

Tote bag making

At the end of the workshop, each participant will come out, in addition to their creations, with a sewing kit and a small leaflet addressing the impacts of Fast Fashion and the questions that they can ask themselves to remedy them in their daily life.