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Small Businesses, Fragility, and Conflict: Solving the SME Puzzle

International Trade Centre (ITC), Geneva Peacebuilding Platfom (GPP) & Geneva Trade Platform (GTP)
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Auditorium A2, Maison de la paix, Geneva

The International Trade Centre, the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform and the Geneva Trade Platform invite you to a high-level discussion on the impact of conflict and fragility on business performance, competitiveness and trade opportunities.

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The following esteemed speakers will be on stage to share their insights on supporting small enterprises in environments marked by fragility and conflict based on the findings in the latest edition of ITC's new flagship publication, the SME Competitiveness Outlook.


  • Mr. Dmitry Grozoubinski, Executive Director, Geneva Trade Platform

  • Ms. Barbara Ramos, Chief of Research and Strategies for Exports, ITC


  • Ms. Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Executive Director, International Trade Centre

  • Ambassador Maria de Lurdes Martins de Sousa Bessa, Permanent Representative of Timor-Leste to the United Nations Office in Geneva

  • Mr. Omar Dia: Diplomatic Adviser, International Committee of the Red Cross

  • Ms. Josie Lianna Kaye, CEO & Founder, TrustWorks Global

  • Mr. Dan Stein, Founder, Cuisine Lab

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