Global Migration Centre

Surviving Manus Island detention Centre: A testimony

Abdul Aziz Muhamat
, -

Auditorium A2, Maison de la paix, Geneva

After fleeing violence in Sudan, and crossing the Ocean, Abdul Aziz Muhamat was brought to a processing Centre on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea.

He was held there, along with thousands of other people in hangars, locked up “like an animal in a cage” for six and a half years. During that time, by using his phone illegally, he caught the attention of the world.

Now, 10 000 kilometers away, Abdul Aziz Muhamat, this year’s winner of the Martin Ennal’s award for Human Rights Defenders, has become the voice of all those detained on Manus island and further afield.   A staunch defender of human rights and dignity, Abdul Aziz Muhamat will share his experience and offer his insight into what lies ahead.

Please join us at the Graduate Institute on the 2nd of October 2019, Auditorium A2 at 18:15 to hear his story.