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Sustaining democratic governance in Ukraine while enduring the realities of Russia invasion

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The FAB, 4th floor of petal 2, Maison de la paix, Geneva

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Since 2014, Ukraine has been resolutely stepping up its digital acceleration and ambitious decentralisation reforms. During his electoral campaign in 2019, President Zelensky also promised to implement a State in a Smart Phone.  Attesting to Ukraine`s regional and sub-regional diversity, the session will discuss Ukraine`s achievements as well as challenges of rolling out digital transformation in its urban and deep rural areas.  It will also address Ukrainian government`s use of innovative technologies as a governance lifeline to its cities, communities and citizens during the Russian invasion. The session intends to be dynamic and interactive where questions from the audience will be proactively solicited.



Slava is the Head of eServices development and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Slava joined the newly created Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine (MDTU) in 2019 as the Head of eServices development. He is the architect of the highly popular digital app called ‘Government and I - DIIA` that is used by over 10 million Ukrainians. His current goal at the MDTU is to abolish the bureaucracy in Ukraine by delivering all government services by 2024 with just a few clicks – from filing tax returns to marriages to registering a company remotely. Prior to joining the MDTU, Slava was a successful digital marketing entrepreneur.



Oleksadra is a Coordinator of the E-democracy component at the Swiss-Ukrainian E-Governance for accountability and participation (EGAP) program.  She has been implementing civil participation tools since 2017.  In this capacity, Oleksandra coordinated the development, launch and operation of the national e-democracy platform (e-dem.ua), that integrates e-petitions, participatory budgeting, open city and local e-consultations. Currently, more than 400 Ukrainian communities implemented at least one of these instruments. Oleksandra holds a Master’s degree in Political Science (Ukraine).



Nazar  is a representative from the Municipality of Vinnytsia in Central Ukraine. He holds
an MSc from the University of Vienna, Austria in City planning and city development and
for 5-years he has worked at the Vinnytsia Municipality.  In 2019 he joined a local think-tank called the “Institute for urban development” where he became a director in 2022. IUD implements innovations in local good governance and works on “building bridges” between local civic sector (NGO`s, active citizens, neighborhoods, etc.) and the municipality. In this context it created an innovative “NGO-Hub” to serve as a local co-working space where representatives of public sector and LG communicate and cooperate for city development.



Oleksandr is a Deputy Head for Digital Development issues, Digital Transformation and Digitalization (CDTO). He has over 10 years of experience working in Ukrainian private sector and international companies. He holds two master's degrees in Public Administration (Ukraine and Lithuania) and a Bachelor's degree in Finance (Ukraine).



Jordanka is a policy advisor and  published researcher on digital transformation, national digital systems design, civic tech, and social innovation topics. She has 15 years of experience in advising and facilitating complex national strategic planning, policy and program design processes in over 12 countries. In 2014-2017 she served as the National Policy Dialogue Lead and Policy Advisor to the Government of Ukraine. She is currently working with the World Bank, European Commission and the Government of Slovakia on improving Slovakia`s policy and fiscal incentive structures for the creation of sustainable regional innovation ecosystems as well as with the Government of Rwanda on the design of the new Smart Rwanda Master Plan and National Innovation Strategy (2024-2028). Jordanka holds a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the European University Institute in Florence, Italy; an MA from the Graduate Institute (IHEID) in Switzerland.