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Transforming the Global Plastics Economy

Launch event for the SNIS funded project "Governing Plastic: The Global Political Economy and Regulation of Plastic Production and Pollution"
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Auditorium A2, Petal 1, Maison de la paix, Geneva

Please join us for the launch of Transforming the Global Plastics Economy — a new collaborative project for research and policy dialogue hosted by the Graduate Institute’s Global Governance Centre on 'upstream' challenges related to plastic production and consumption, including:

  • the political economy of the expanding global plastics economy and plastic pollution;
  • the development dimensions of the global plastics economy and strategies for its transformation;
  • the role of trade and investment in the global plastics economy;
  • how international economic policies and tools could strengthen cooperation on plastic pollution.

Speakers from the project’s Expert Group will review recent efforts to boost international cooperation on plastics pollution and outstanding research needs:  

  • Carolyn Deere Birkbeck, Senior Researcher, Global Governance Centre, the Graduate Institute
  • Diana Barrowclough, Senior Economist, UNCTAD
  • Susan Wingfield, Programme Officer, UN Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Secretariat, Geneva
  • David Azoulay, Managing Attorney, Center for International Environmental Law, Geneva
  • Julien Boucher, Senior Research Scientist at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Western Switzerland

The project is supported by the Swiss Network of International Studies (SNIS), entitled 'Governing Plastic: The Global Political Economy and Regulation of Plastic Production and Pollution.’ Led by the Global Governance Centre, the core project partners are the Centre for Trade and Economic Integration and the Centre for International Environmental Studies, UNCTAD, Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), HES-SSO and the University of Geneva. For more information follow the project @politicsplastic or visit www.plasticpolitics.solutions.