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The War in Ukraine - Lives, Money and the Politics of Global Health

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Event highlights | The War in Ukraine: Lives, Money and the Politics of Global Health

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The war in Ukraine has sparked a new kind of global health crisis. Inside Ukraine, the health impacts of the war are wide-ranging and severe, with massive suffering, illness and death. At the same time, the ripple effects are being felt globally, with the rupture in food and fuel exports from the region creating serious food and energy insecurity for people in many countries. Governments that have funded the majority of global health initiatives have allocated significant resources to Ukraine, raising the question of how long and at what level financing for both will be sustained. Finally, global health’s traditional consensus politics have already been disrupted by heightened geopolitical tensions, with unclear implications for the ability to cooperate in the medium to longer term.

How do these converging phenomena affect the present and future of global health?



  • Ulana Suprun | Former Minister of Healthcare, Ukraine
  • Ahmad Mukhtar | Senior Economist, Regional Office of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations for Near East and North Africa, based in Cairo, Egypt
  • Michel Kazatchkine | Special Advisor to the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe), and Senior Fellow and Course Director, Global Health Centre
  • Jakob Ström | Senior Health Diplomat, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Moderated by Suerie Moon | Co-Director, Global Health Centre


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