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One Health and Pandemic Prevention in Practice: Is the Global South leading innovation?

International Geneva Global Health Platform
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Hybrid: Auditorium Ivan Pictet, Geneva Graduate Institute, Maison de la paix and online.

Geneva Health Week 2024 - WHA 77 side event

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One Health and Pandemic Prevention in Practice: Is the Global South leading innovation?

Innovations from China, Côte d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Philippines 

The risk of zoonotic spillover of pathogens from animal to human hosts represents one of the most significant global health threats of the 21st century. The "One Health" approach, recognising the interconnected health of humans, animals, plants, and our shared environment, advocates for a collaborative, cross-sectoral approach to mitigate these risks effectively. Given the ongoing reforms in pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response (PPPR), it is imperative to incorporate the latest scientific insights through the One Health lens to understand and shape effective policy measures addressing the zoonotic threat.

During the event, experts in wildlife surveillance, governance and prevention of zoonotic spillover will present their latest country findings from China, Côte d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Philippines. The case studies will be complemented by a discussion on Global South-led innovation in implementing the One Health approach, and the impact of international power and governance on shaping national capabilities and outcomes. The discussion will then transition to identifying policy gaps and key lessons for strengthening the One Health approach at the international level, in light of the ongoing PPPR reforms.

The event will address questions such as:

  • What are the new developments under the OneHealth approach compared to a year ago?
  • What are some of the policy implications stemming from One Health research and interdisciplinary programmes?
  • How can One Health research findings be applied at the policy level for PPPR?



Welcome remarks by Ellen Rosskam | Coordinator, International Geneva Global Health Platform, Global Health Centre, Geneva Graduate Institute

  • Chloe Clifford Astbury | Postdoctoral Researcher at the York University School of Global Health
  • Arlette Dinde | Research Associate at the Swiss Centre for Scientific Research in Côte d’Ivoire, and CGIAR
  • Benjamin Roche | Research Director at the French National Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD), and co-founder of PREZODE

Closing remarks by Eric Comte | Executive Director at the Geneva Health Forum, University of Geneva

Moderated by Nina Jamal | International Head on Pandemics and Campaign Strategies at FOUR PAWS International

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Organised by

The International Geneva Global Health PlatformGeneva Health Forum and Four Paws International.



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