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What Happens when Research Meets Policy?

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Maison de la paix, Geneva Graduate Institute

The Institute is proud to host the inaugural event that will showcase the excellent work of the Institute's Applied Research Projects students, in particular their capacities to engage on complex challenges, to generate research findings of policy and practical relevance, while demonstrating the central role of the Institute as a node for intergenerational exchange and learning and as an incubator of applied research and practice.

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The ARP students have pride of place at the Geneva Graduate Institute. A unique pedagogical experience where small groups of graduate students work with partners from International Geneva, ARPs allow students to conduct research that responds to today’s global challenges while having a real world impact. 

This year, the ARP Final Presentations are coming home to the Maison de la Paix: the event will feature presentations, a roundtable, and interactive thematic booths where students will be able to showcase their work and engage substantively and on a one-on-one basis with the public on their research topics.


Programme: “What Happens when research meets policy?”


9:00-10:00: Welcome Breakfast P1 and P2

10:00-12:00: Student Presentations

12:00-12:45: Standing lunch and visits to interactive thematic booths P1 and P2

12:45-14:00: Expert-Student Roundtable: What happens when research meets policy in International Geneva? A1A or online

Join us for the highlight public gathering of the day, where Geneva Graduate Institute Director, Ms. Marie Laure Salles, will engage with Ms. Vivienne Talsma of the GCSP and Mr. Cedric Amon of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, along with students, on the importance of the research-policy interface in Geneva and beyond. This session will engage critically with the audience and will demand honest reflection on what is most needed from researchers and policy makers to engage more effectively in our world today.

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14:00-16:00: Student presentations

16:30-19:00: Visits to interactive thematic booths and Networking Reception P1 and P2


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