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 WB Global Economic Prospect Report 2022

World Bank Global Economic Prospects report

With Maria Dimitriadou and Franziska Ohnsorge (The World Bank), Barbara Ramos (ITC) and Nathan Sussman (CFD)
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The event will discuss the main findings of the report, assessing prospects and risks for the global economy

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The World Bank, CEPR and the Centre for Finance and Development are pleased to invite you to the presentation of the June 2022 Global Economic Prospects report. The event will discuss the main findings of the report, assessing prospects and risks for the global economy.

The world economy continues to suffer from a series of destabilizing shocks. After more than two years of pandemic, the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine and its global effects on commodity markets, supply chains, inflation, and financial conditions have steepened the slowdown in global growth.

Numerous risks could further derail what is now a precarious recovery. Among them is, in particular, the possibility of stubbornly high global inflation accompanied by tepid growth, reminiscent of the stagflation of the 1970s. This could eventually result in a sharp tightening of monetary policy in advanced economies, lead to surging borrowing costs, and possibly culminate in financial stress in some emerging market and developing economies.

A forceful and wide-ranging policy response is required by policy makers in these economies and the global community to boost growth, bolster macroeconomic frameworks, reduce financial vulnerabilities, provide support to vulnerable population groups, and attenuate the long-term impacts of the global shocks of recent years.

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 In partnership with the WB, CEPR and CFD


Speakers & Moderator

 Maria Dimitriadou 140

Maria Dimitriadou, The World Bank (Moderator)

Special Representative to the UN & the WTO, Head of the World Bank Geneva Office

Franziska Ohnsorge 140

Franziska Ohnsorge, The World Bank

Manager of the Prospects Group in the Equitable Growth Finance and Institutions (EFI) Vice Presidency

Barbara Ramos 140

Barbara Ramos, International Trade Center

Chief, Research and Strategies for Exports

Nathan Sussman 140

Nathan Sussman, Geneva Graduate Institute

Professor, International Economics & Pictet Chair in Finance and Development, Director, Centre for Finance and Development (CFD), Director, Swiss Lab for Sustainable Finance (SL4SF)


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Venue: World Meteorological Organization (WMO) building  Avenue de la Paix 7 bis, Geneva Meeting Room B

And Hybrid event: Connection details will be shared with registered participants (Kindly indicate in-person or remote participation when registering)