04 September 2023

10th Alumnae-i Reunion

The 2023 Alumnae-i Reunion is on 16 September 2023, and the event will feature many activities, including the unveiling of the latest alumnae-i portraits which depict their inspiring career paths, and an occasion for students to exchange with alumnae-i.

This year's event will feature many activities, including the unveiling of the latest inspiring alumnae-i portraits in the presence of seven of the alumnae-i themselves as well as relatives representing two others who cannot join in person: Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, Maria Teresa Infante Caffi, Maurice Kamga, Nilly Sikorsky, Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Laure Waridel, Jacques Grinevald, Michel Kafando and posthumously Nobuyuki Idei.

The reunion is a unique occasion for our students to exchange with incredible alumnae-i, to meet the new generation of rising stars —  such as Marcos Tourinho, Kossiwa Jacqueline Tossoukpe, Matthew Stephenson or Basem and Baher Higazy  and to mingle with the Alumnae-i Association Committee Members Natalie Africa, Jasmin Danzeisen, Ting Fang, Jessica Byron, Mahmud Samandari, Brindusa Burrows around drinks and live music. Performances will be held by Loïc Vallaeys, Pianist, and Jocelyn Erard, Saxophonist.

This celebration will take place  following a panel discussion : “From Environment to Sustainability –  Time to rethink everything?” featuring Laure Waridel, Laurence Boisson de Chazournes and Jacques Grinevald. The discussion will be moderated by the Director, Marie-Laure Salles, after a brief video introduction by Jacques Piccard, another famous alumnus whose portrait will also be unveiled.

The opening and closing act of the panel will be proposed by Ophélie Lou and Brice Arside from Kaland Dance Company who will present La Danse des Colibris.

Dance is an art form perfectly suited to new narratives raising awareness of climate change and the need to take action. In this performance, two dancers take us on a journey, between gentleness and chaos, to the heart of climate change. The human body is delicately intertwined with nature, and it is all a matter of subtle balances. A small change here leads to a cascade of changes there. The natural harmony between nature and humanity is in jeopardy.

The evening will take place at the Beau-Rivage Hotel with a gala dinner, the Alumnae-i Awards Ceremony, a tombola raffle with more than CHF13’500 value prizes to raise a scholarship for a student and finally, a dance party.

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