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31 May 2022

2021 Prize-winning Master's Dissertations

Since 2020, the Vahabzadeh Foundation has funded the publication of several master’s dissertations written by Geneva Graduate Institute students. 

The dissertations are selected by Institute faculty members and are recognised during the end-of-year Graduation Ceremonies. 

The papers are fully in line with the Institute’s core principles, those of independent and critical thinking, diversity of themes and approaches, engagement and excellence, with the aim of promoting peace, equity and sustainability.

The following dissertations were all published in the Graduate Institute's ePapers/eCahiers de l'Institut; this generous gift from the Foundation supports other Swiss institutions, like the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). 

The In-betweenness of the Straits Chinese
Christian Jones
2021 Association Genève-Asie Prize

The Regulation of Climate Technologies as Emergency Solutions
Pascal Blickle
2021 Mariano Garcio Rubio Prize

How Environmental Concerns (Re)Shape Reproductive Intentions
Mathilde Krähenbühl
2021 Anthropology and Sociology Department Prize

How Non-state Actors Can Hold States Accountable Regarding International Treaties
Louis Bodmer
2021 International Relations/Political Science Department Prize

Religious Polarisation and the Supply of Public Goods in India
Pulkit Bajpai
2021 Rudi Dornbusch Prize in International Economics

The Haralds of Hydrogen
Floris Jacobus Adrianus de Klerk Wolters
2021 Arditi Prize in International Relations

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