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06 February 2023

2023 Geneva Policy Outlook Launch

On 31 January, the Geneva Graduate Institute launched the Geneva Policy Outlook, a new digital publication produced in partnership with the Swiss Confederation, the Republic and State of Geneva, the City of Geneva and the Fondation pour Genève.

In her introduction, the Geneva Graduate Institute’s Director Marie-Laure Salles said, “We have today in Geneva an exceptional opportunity – in fact opportunity is not the right word, duty is more like it.  We have the duty to make use of the unique density of experiences, expertise and knowledge that is present right here, around us, and to come together and actively shape the debate on the future we want”. 

In an age of radical uncertainty, it is more important than ever to adopt an anticipatory logic about the implications of rapid change for policymaking. The Geneva Policy Outlook is a finger on the pulse of Geneva’s global policy space and looks at upcoming strategic and operational trends relevant for professionals working on global affairs in Geneva and beyond. It asks how global governance needs to adapt to new world orders, what this means for International Geneva and what can be done now, and by whom to achieve this objective.

Achim Wennmann, Director for Strategic Partnerships at the Institute, and Editor of the Geneva Policy Outlook, explained that “our aim is to shape a narrative that goes beyond ‘business as usual’, underlining that International Geneva will need a great deal of courage to change if it wants to remain a relevant global governance hub in the future". 

The contributions to the Geneva Policy Outlook draw on informal exchanges of a community of senior strategic thinkers and practitioners and on the expertise and global networks of the Geneva Graduate Institute. 

Marie-Laure Salles underscored “how this project is completely aligned with the work we have been doing over the last two years at the Institute. It inscribes itself in particular in the continuity of the redefinition of our vision and mission and of the collective work we did, mobilising all our stakeholders, to give ourselves a new charter”.

Discover the Geneva Policy Outlook.