12 February 2021

Alumna Selected as One of UK’s Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs

Savannah Dodd (MANT, ‘15) is the Founder and Director of the Photography Ethics Centre, a social enterprise aimed at advancing ethical practices when taking and sharing photographs.

Savannah graduated with a Master in Anthropology and Sociology of Development in 2015. “The two years I spent at the Institute were some of the most formative for me, both professionally and personally”, she said. “I would certainly not be where I am today without the skills, knowledge and broader understanding of the world that I gained at the Graduate Institute.”

Two years after receiving her MA, Savannah founded the Photography Ethics Centre with the ambitious aim to change the way that the world takes and shares photographs. In order to meet this goal, Savannah designs online courses, delivers workshops and lectures, and develops other educational content about photography ethics. She works across various channels, including the media, international development and creative sectors, and with a wide range of people who work with photography, from professional photojournalists to NGO communications directors.

Today, Savannah runs the Photography Ethics Centre full-time while pursuing  a PhD in Anthropology part-time at Queen’s University Belfast. 

This year, she was named as one of the UK’s most 100 inspirational female entrepreneurs by Small Business Britain’s f:Entrepreneur "#ialso100" campaign. This campaign showcases trailblazing female entrepreneurs that lead small businesses alongside a roster of other responsibilities, such as volunteering, mentoring and community support, and other activities.

“It is a tremendous honour to be recognised alongside such an accomplished cohort of women”, Savannah said of being listed in the #ialso100. “I am very excited for 2021 and all that is in store for the Photography Ethics Centre in the coming year.”