Anthropology and Sociology
30 October 2020

ANSO PhD trip to Neuchâtel

On the 3rd of October, twelve ANSO PhD students including five students who are in their first year took part in a day trip to the city of Neuchâtel. This event was organised by PhDs for PhDs with the generous support from the Department. 

This event allowed the Anthropology and Sociology Department to start the academic year with an informal yet informative activity to foster more connections between cohorts and across universities. Hence, this expedition enabled students from different years to get to know each other better and to (re)discover Neuchâtel, a city famous for its links to Anthropology in Switzerland. 

After a guided tour at the Musée d’Ethnographie of the exhibition “Le Mal du Voyage”, we enjoyed the permanent and the other temporary exhibition “Derrière les cases de la mission” which set the tone for the afternoon activities. We had a common lunch and were later joined by three PhD students from “La Maison d'analyse des processus sociaux” (MAPS) in Neuchâtel who gave us an engaging, interesting guided tour on the topic of the city’s links to colonialism. We walked through the old town and visited les places “Tilo-Frey” and “De Pury” and heard about the fascinating and ever-changing history of the sites. The day trip was a great opportunity to have rich exchanges amongst IHEID and Neuchâtel PhD students. We hope that we will be able to have similar trips again in spring.


Image of ANSO Students on their PhD trip to Neuchâtel

Members from  the Anthropology and Sociology Department in Neuchâtel, Switzerland