Globe, the Graduate Institute Review
19 October 2021

Applying Diversity and Inclusive Culture to the Professional World

Jasmin Danzeisen is the Senior Manager of Diversity and Inclusive Culture at PwC. She earned her degree from the Graduate Institute in 2007. 

Jasmin Danzeisen is half-Moroccan, half-Italian and was born and raised in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Her multicultural background inspired her early on to work in the area of international cooperation.

In high school, she specialised in colonial history and modern languages. Jasmin pursued her studies in international relations at the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute where she obtained her degree (licence) in 2007.

In her time at the Institute, Jasmin specialised in security studies, trade and international humanitarian law. She represented the Institute at the international Jean-Pictet Competition in 2007, in which Jasmin and her team reached the semi-finals.

Jasmin’s professional journey has been a mix of private and public sector experiences while keeping a focus on multistakeholder approaches to value creation. Jasmin started as an intern at the World Economic Forum while studying at the Institute, and joined the Forum full time after graduating.

She had the opportunity to manage projects and multistakeholder partnerships in global health, sustainability and anticorruption. In 2009, she decided to go back to university and obtained a Master in Public Management (summa cum laude) from SDA Bocconi School of Management the following year.

She completed her Master Thesis on Project Cycle Management at the Siemens Integrity Initiative in Vienna, Austria.

Jasmin moved back to Geneva in 2010 to join PwC’s international development team providing strategic advice, evaluating programmes and projects of international organisations and NGOs globally. In her work, Jasmin travelled to countries in the global south and worked on projects in multiple countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

In 2017, Jasmin joined an intrapreneurial team at PwC establishing a new service offering diversity, inclusive culture and equity (DICE+) consulting services. In her role, she advises both the private sector and international organisations on their diversity and inclusion (D&I) journey internally as part of their ESG efforts.

She also trains leaders and employees on D&I topics and contributes to developing thought leadership. Since 2019, Jasmin has held a dual role within the firm.

In addition to her external advisory work, she drives PwC Switzerland’s internal diversity and inclusion efforts and works alongside HR and the leadership to define and implement D&I strategic priorities for the firm.

Jasmin is married (to an alumnus she met at the Graduate Institute) and is the mother of two boys and a girl.

This article was published in Globe #28.