Students & Campus
19 August 2021

From Bosnia & Herzegovina to Idaho to Geneva: One Student’s Story

When the Former Yugoslavia collapsed, Adnan Sose's parents left Bosnia & Herzegovina to take their chances as refugees in the United States. Growing up in the US, Adnan often found himself engaging with his roots, eventually choosing to study international affairs at the Graduate Institute. 

My story unfolds in the small town of Twin Falls, Idaho. Throughout the United States, Idaho is renowned for its potatoes. Surprisingly, I learned how to harvest potatoes not in Idaho, but in Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

My parents arrived in the United States as refugees in the mid-1990s following the collapse of the Former Yugoslavia. They left behind family, friends and their entire way of life. With USD 20 to their name, they embarked on a journey to provide a better life for myself and my younger brother. I recall the early years of my childhood where they both laboured away in multiple low-paying jobs, yet, they still managed to spend quality time with us. 

In these moments my interests in current world affairs and history came to fruition. Luckily, I was able to engage in such topics with my father since a majority of my peers at the time were not interested in those subjects. 

I eventually found myself attending the College of Idaho where I earned bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and International Political Economy (IPE). Initially, I was hesitant on pursuing a degree in international affairs or history until I was introduced to IPE. I was also afforded the opportunity to play football (soccer) for the college. 

As my interests in global affairs grew, my college advisor recommended a list of graduate programmes to view. Hence, I uncovered the Graduate Institute. The shared global vision, the prominent faculty and the life experience steered me towards selecting this institution. I believe the Graduate Institute will provide me the necessary skills to be prepared for a career in either the public or private sector. 

I will be far from home, yet close to home at the same time. As this journey continues, I must extend my gratitude towards my loving parents.