13 October 2020

CALL FOR PAPERS: Revisiting Euro Mediterranean Cooperation in an Age of Uncertainty

This call invites academics and experts to reflect on the challenges, tensions and contentions involved in the realisation of the Barcelona Process, and the potentials for future regional cooperation and integration.

Several policy-oriented studies and conferences discussed good practices and successes, while others reflected on the reasons for the failure to achieve the objectives of the Barcelona Process. This conference aims to introduce a different angle to the discussion. Rather than debating what worked, and what did not work, the contributions are expected to shed light on what this cooperation means and how it functions at multiple levels: political, socio-economic, cultural, environmental, including specific items related to security, migration, economic trade, investment, and sustainable development.

Specifically, the call invites academics and experts to reflect on the relational processes, practices and forms of knowledge through which first, the partnership was developed and shaped as an idea, policy and intervention and, second, the way international commitments, policies and plans were translated and implemented in practice. The contributions are expected to reflect upon and shed light on both internal EU mechanisms and dynamics and the relationship between the EU and the countries of the Mashriq and Maghrib. The call also asks contributors to reflect on the challenges in the processes described and the possibilities to address these challenges in governing the Mediterranean region and transforming the Euro-Mediterranean partnership. Selected papers will serve to inform the debates and discussions with other experts and EU and regional policymakers