Geneva (Switzerland), 3-5 June 2020
25 August 2019

Call for Papers - Young South Asia Scholar's Meet (Y-SASM 2020)

The interdisciplinary conference takes place in Geneva, the 3-5 June 2020.

Y-SASM aims to provide a platform for interdisciplinary exchange among junior scholars in the field of South Asian Studies.

The conference facilitates an intellectual exchange and conversation between researchers from different backgrounds such as anthropology, geography, history, political science, sociology, and media studies. Y-SASM 2020, hence, provides a platform for comparative discussions, conceptual and theoretical debates, and interdisciplinary exchange.

Current developments in South Asia suggest the need to pay close attention to not only the processes in which contemporary forms of Foucauldian governmentality may manifest but also expose the limits, fissures and frictions of governmental rationality. The history and specificities of South Asia provide ample scope to investigate the distinct yet intertwined means through which colonial and post-colonial everyday state has reconstituted itself alongside the development of peculiar kinds of governmental rationality.

Consequently, for the 6th Y-SASM conference, we invite papers that examine and explore the strategies, processes and practices employed by the everyday state— both material and symbolic. The papers should also draw attention to how populations resist, negotiate and/or intervene in such processes and practices.

Please send your application by 15th October 2019. For more information, have a look at the flyer below.


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