International Economics
19 September 2019

Celebrating graduation

The Department of Economics says goodbye to its graduates.

After several years of headaches, tears of joy and frustration, OLS models and OMG moments, we say goodbye to some members of our cohort who crossed the finish line at last week's graduation ceremony.

To celebrate them, our department came together for a "chocolate & champagne" farewell in the Favarger boutique located on the river Rhone's shore. Favarger is a Geneva chocolate manufacture that has been transforming cocoa beans into chocolate since 1826, so it only seemed appropriate to meet there to indulge in sweet memories and to look back at the time spent together at the Graduate Institute and in Geneva.

Professor Jean-Louis Arcand expressed his pleasure in teaching the graduates:

Even after so many years, you always get a new question, something you haven't thought about. That's the wonderful thing about my job. I have the privilege to teach smart kids who ask me smart questions. Teaching and research go together [...]. You make us faculty members continue to think. And that is the most precious thing in the world.

We wish our graduates all the best in their future endeavours. And for some, we hope to welcome them back to the Graduate Institute as colleagues.