Centre for International Environmental Studies
15 October 2021

Climate World Game - Ahead of COP26

CIES and EC co-organised a climate negotiation simulation for Graduate Institute students

As a collaboration with the GISA Environmental Committee, the Centre for International Environmental Studies co-organised a 'World Climate Game - Ahead of COP26' on Tuesday 12th October for Graduate Institute students. The game was a simulation of high-level climate negotiations, such as that at COP26, and is based on a model from Climate Interactive.

The event was led and facilitated by Professor Joëlle Noailly, Head of Research at CIES, and provided a chance for students passionate about diplomacy, environmental action, and strategic cooperation to come together and see if they can avert climate catastrophe by keeping warming below 2°C above pre-industrial levels. 

The simulation began with each student receiving a dossier containing their country assignment, nation bloc, position, and objectives. Within the set time frame of 2 hours, they negotiated climate commitments for emission peaks and reduction rates, which were entered into a C-Roads Software (developed by MIT). At the end, the mediator, playing the role of UN Secretary, revealed the outcomes.

This time, the negotiations led to an agreement that would result in a 2.1°C warming. As a great learning experience, students were able to apply classroom knowledge, practice real-world negotiation skills, and experience the speed and level of action of international summits. 

After the intense negotiations, there was time to reflect on the experience over drinks and snacks. 

World Climate Game