Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy
25 March 2020

Democratic experiences in the coronavirus pandemic

Research and analysis from the Democracy Centre’s team, faculty and visiting lecturers

The Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy launches a series of commentaries on the effects of the novel coronavirus on democratic experiences around the globe.

The pandemic is not just an epidemiological phenomenon – it is also a political, economic, and social one. In this series, we explore how this general “emergency” translates into democratic and authoritarian practice - across scales, and in different facets of life, from the institutional to the intimate. It raises a range of new challenges to democracy and human rights, during and after the emergency. Some of the restrictions that have been implemented by liberal and illiberal democracies may well outlive the crisis. The Centre aims to contribute to the public and scholarly debate on these major issues through its ongoing and new research activities.

Contributors to its new series of commentaries include the Democracy Centre’s team, faculty and visiting lecturers. We also collaborate with our partner institutions to publish some joint contributions.


Part 1: March-May 2020

Read Part 2 of the commentaries published from June to August 2020 and Part 3 published from September onwards.