International History and Politics
15 December 2023

Do Historians make good policy-makers?

Professors Carolyn Biltoft and Davide Rodogno tell us about what it means to study International History and Politics at the Geneva Graduate Institute.

Erudition is a form of activism
Carolyn Biltoft
History is Slow Food
Davide Rodogno

Do Historians make good policy-makers?

Davide Rodogno and Carolyn Biltoft from the International History and Politics Department take us on a journey through some of the Graduate Institute's rich history during a fascinating webinar where a score of questions were raised about studying History and Politics.

For example, how does one analyze archival sources? How is AI going to help us make sense of big data, however much appealing that is? How does one make sense of history through space and time? How does the future correlate with the past?

The two academics guide us through the significance of conducting archival research in Geneva, underlining its centrality and how some archives, namely in UNHCR, the ILO, and ICRC, are still under-exploited. The webinar further invites the viewer to delve into the idea of History and Politics, offering a unique opportunity to appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of historical research. Carolyn Biltoft's enthusiasm for global intellectual history and Davide Rodogno's wide-ranging curiosity, spanning topics from fascism to the history of racism, promise to provide a diverse and engaging perspective. The speakers' expertise and the institute's century-long journey offer a valuable lens through which to examine the intersection of history, politics, and the potential for shaping the future.

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Academic Talk - Do Historians make good policy makers?