Human Rights
18 December 2019

Empowering Young Activists

The Young Activists Summit hosted on Human Rights Day (10 December) by the United Nations Office at Geneva, brought together young change-makers taking leadership roles in the issues that matter to them and their generation.

As part of the Summit, the Graduate Institute and co-organised a series of working sessions for four of the young female activists: Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad (Iraq), Memory Banda (Malawi), Rebecca Kabuo (DRC) and Hamangai Pataxò (Brazil). 

The sessions aimed to provide the young activists and their teams with practical knowledge and technical tools to help strengthen their respective actions. As such, they were a unique opportunity for the participants to engage with and benefit from the knowledge of Graduate Institute professors, lecturers and experts from International Geneva. The discussions covered a range of topics from how to best prosecute ISIS, preserve indigenous rights in the Amazon, build trust among local actors and across sectors, and fight against early marriages.