03 June 2022

Environmental Protection in Antarctica; Temptations and Accountability

The Global Governance Centre, the Centre for International Environmental Studies and the Interdisciplinary Programmes hosted an online conference on "Environmental Protection in Antarctica; Temptations and Accountability".

Antarctica, the world’s seventh continent, is seldom in the news. In popular imagination, it is a remote and inaccessible continent, whose environment remains pristine. This conference examined the extent to which real environmental protection has been achieved in Antarctica and the role of the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS).

Featuring some of the world’s top scholars, it explored how the international community might successfully ward-off competition for Antarctica’s mineral and other resources. A very lively debate with the audience followed.

The conference featured: 

  • Klaus Dodds, Professor of Geopolitics, Royal Holloway, University of London  on ‘The Environment Protocol, Is It Truly Protecting Antarctica?’
  • Adrian Howkins, Reader in Environmental History, Department of History, University of Bristol on ‘The Ban on Mining in Antarctica, Will it Hold?’
  • Yelena Yermakova, Researcher & Author of "Legitimacy of the Antarctic Treaty System" on ‘The Environmental Footprint of Scientific Research Activities in Antarctica’
  • Sian Prior, Shipping Advisor, Antarctic Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC) on ‘Shipping in the Southern Ocean, and Wider Environmental Concerns’
  • Mikaa Mered, Secretary-General, Sciences Po’s Research Chair on Overseas Territories on ‘The Future of Environmental Protection in Antarctica’

And was moderated by Doaa Abdel-Motaal, Author of ‘Antarctica; the Battle for the Seventh Continent’ and Visiting Professor, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

Watch the video below.