Centre for Finance and Development
30 April 2021

Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize

The Prize Ethics and Trust in Finance for a Sustainable Future – formerly “Ethics in Finance – Robin Cosgrove Prize” – promotes new ways of thinking about the big challenges facing the global economy.

Every two years, the Prize invites young professionals to participate and contribute to the reflection of the importance on the benefits of a more ethical approach to banking and finance, promoting greater awareness of the need for ethics, integrity and trust in the finance sector.  Since 2006, the competition has prompted a debate about  many different aspects of Ethics in Finance, ranging from the role of compliance offices, the challenges of managing cash ethically, the contribution of micro-finance to economic development, and the way rating systems work, to name but a few.

Candidates are invited to submit written papers that have not been previously published, examining the role of ethics and integrity in finance from many possible practical angles and disciplinary perspectives. The papers could be analytical in character or they could be proposals for practical projects. In all cases, they should meet three criteria: intellectual rigour, innovative ideas, and clear conclusions. Best papers submitted in previous editions are available in this site.

The Prize aims to encourage and promote:

  • Awareness of the fundamental role of ethics in the world of finance;

  • Precise identification of ethical issues in financial activities and institutions, in both the public and private sectors;

  • Proposals for implementation of initiatives and projects concerning teaching and regulating for ethics in finance;

  • Understanding of the role of ethics to support a more sustainable financial system.

The deadline for submitting final papers for the 8th edition is set to 31 of May 2021.

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