Geneva Challenge
22 May 2019

The Geneva Challenge 2019: Students Find Solutions to the Challenges of Global Health

The Geneva Challenge is an international competition created to stimulate reflection and innovation on the world’s main challenges among master students from diverse disciplinary and contextual perspectives.

The 2019 edition of the Geneva Challenge is a project funded by Swiss Ambassador Jenö Staehelin and supported by the late Kofi Annan, who was the contest’s high-patron. This international competition for master students aims to stimulate problem solving and analysis. Open to teams of three to five students from all academic programmes and from anywhere in the world, the theme for the 2019 contest is “The Challenges of Global Health”.

“We are very excited that the topic of this year’s Geneva Challenge is on global health”, said Michaela Told, Executive Director of the Global Health Centre. “It provides students from all disciplines with the opportunity to analyse, engage and provide solutions for a more just, equitable and sustainable society. […] Many of the most pressing issues in the world today – from climate crisis, food consumption and production, migration, the rise of nationalism and populism, to unequal distribution of wealth, gender inequality, social instability and conflicts – have an impact on health. These interlinkages must be examined from a health perspective in order to find lasting solutions”.

Nearly 300 teams registered for this fifth edition of the Challenge. Teams now have four months to work on their proposal, with submissions due on 15 July. 

“Innovative thinking is key to making sustainable progress in global health”, said Semee Pak, a master student in development studies and member of a team participating in the Challenge from the Graduate Institute. “Noncommunicable diseases are increasingly affecting more populations throughout the world, so we want to propose a solution that considers behavioural change solutions and utilises technology to facilitate healthy behaviours”.  

Five finalist teams, one per continent, will be invited (traveling and accommodation expenses covered) to give an oral presentation of their projects before a panel of high-level experts at the Graduate Institute, Geneva. The winning project will be awarded CHF 10,000; the two teams in second place will receive CHF 5,000 and the two teams in third place, CHF 2,500.

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Teaser for The Geneva Challenge's 2019 Theme: The Challenges of Global Health