23 February 2022

Giulia Raimondo talks about her PhD work "At the Frontiers of International Responsibility: Frontex, the European Integrated Border Management and International Law"

What is the international responsibility of the EU and its member states for potential human rights violations during their border control practices?

Giulia Raimondo discussess her PhD thesis in International Law and invites us to better understand the role played by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) in shaping these practices.

Her thesis addresses the manifold challenges related to the European Integrated Border Management and the human rights responsibilities of the manifold actors operating within it. In so doing, the thesis links two separate but interlaced discourses: first, a reflection on the concept of European Integrated Border Management as implemented by Frontex and the Schengen member states and its impact on migrant rights; and second, the question of the attribution of international responsibility for migrant rights violations occurred in the context of Frontex activities.

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