"Global Challenges"
15 June 2023

The Global Disinformation Order

The just released issue of Global Challenges (no. 13, May 2023) focuses on disinformation, fake news and manipulation of narratives. It gathers the contributions of 8 scholars of the Graduate Institute and presents an interactive map of countries involved in social media manipulation, 5 podcasts, and diverses tables and timelines. 

The latest  issue of Global Challenges seeks to better understand the nature of disinformation in the digital age at the global level and how it differs from the spread of more traditional propaganda, notably during the Cold War, or from the spread of American (or liberal) soft power through mass media and consumption.

In the current “post-truth era”, the quest for political or ideological influence seems to be heavily influenced by communication models based on systematic epistemic deconstruction and the pure and simple discrediting of any claim to truth. What is the impact of this trend on the stability of the international order? Who are the winners and losers? Who are the major players involved in the business of large-scale manipulation? Faculty members and researchers of the Institute shed light on these questions.

You will find contributions from Anna Leander, Carolyn Biltoft, Jussi Hanhimaki, Fuad Zarbiyev, Matthew Bamber, Jérôme Duberry, André Liebich, and Clément Therme.

Global Challenges is a series of dossiers designed to share with a broader, non-specialist audience the ideas, knowledge, opinions and debates produced at the Geneva Graduate Institute.