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09 June 2020

Global Migration Lecture Series Podcast

Listen to the Sea-level rise: Displacement, Migration and Human Rights Webinar.

Sea-level rise: Displacement, Migration and Human Rights PODCAST


Patrícia Galvão Teles was our guest on May 28 for an online presentation as part of our Global Migration Centre Lecture Series.

The recording of her lecture is available here.

Patrícia Galvão Teles is currently Senior Research Fellow at the Global Migration Centre. She is Member of the United Nations International Law Commission (ILC), Professor of International Law at the Autonomous University of Lisbon and Senior Legal Consultant on International Law at the Legal Department of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is also a Member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA). She is a Graduate Institute Alumni .

One of the most important and pressing current global challenges is the issue of climate change and its adverse effects, namely those arising from rising sea-levels. This phenomenon of sea-level rise presents challenges to many areas of International Law, such as those related to the law of the sea, statehood and the protection of persons affected by sea-level rise.

This lecture focuses on the specific issue of sea-level rise and its impact from the point of view of displacement, migration and human rights, an issue that is meriting attention both from the International Law Association (ILA) and the United Nations International Law Commission (ILC). In particular, it looks at the ongoing work of the ILC's recently created Study Group on "Sea-level rise in relation to International Law", of which the speaker is one of the Co-Chairs.


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