27 April 2020

Graduate Institute and Partner for Pocket Lectures

COVID-19 has presented the world with a multitude of questions, not only related to global health, but also economic, democratic, environmental and more. The Graduate Institute’s faculty has been at the forefront, covering the topic from several angles and with new research and new analyses.

The key to progress during these unusual times is to share these novel findings, which is why the Institute has partnered with, a Swiss online news service, to produce a Pocket Lecture series entitled, “What do you know”. This medium allows Institute faculty an opportunity to connect with the greater public to present their current work and ideas related to the global pandemic. 

The series, now available on YouTube, already features lectures by Professors of International Economics, Richard Baldwin and Cédric Tille; Visiting Lecturer and Co-director of the Institute’s Global Health Centre, Suerie Moon; and Professor of International Relations/Political Science, Cédric Dupont. 

The Pocket Lectures are also accessible on the Graduate Institute’s website

Be sure to stay tuned for many more interesting and thought-provoking episodes to come.