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12 June 2023

Grégoire Mallard and Jin Sun’s Article on Viral Governance Receives Two Honors

This year, the American Sociological Association honored Grégoire Mallard and Jin Sun’s recent publication on the sanctions program of the United States as a viral mode of global governance.

How have unilateral U.S. sanctions changed the rules of financial capitalism, accelerated deglobalization, and even perpetuated crises? In their article “Viral Governance: How Unilateral U.S. Sanctions Changed the Rules of Financial Capitalism, Grégoire Mallard and Jin Sun argue that sanctions are not only having economic effects on sanctioned countries but are rewriting the global rules of global financial capitalism.

In light of the article’s creative engagement with world systems theory to depict significant shifts in how hegemony functions today, it received the 2023 Best Article Award from the ASA’s Political Economy of the World-System section. Recognized as contributing to the field of Economic Sociology, the article also received an Honorable Mention from the 2023 Granovetter Award Committee.


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Image par StockSnap de Pixabay