International History and Politics
28 November 2020

Of Independence and Pandemics

Check out our latest Myth of Homogeneity podcast on the Catalan self-determination movement and the coronavirus outbreak in historical perspective.

A century after the Catalan campaign for autonomy of 1918-1919 and the global epidemic of ‘Spanish flu’, in the fourth episode of the Myth of Homogeneity podcast series, Emmanuel Dalle Mulle and Alessandro Ambrosino address the remarkable similarity between these two historical events and current demands for Catalan independence, on the one hand, and the Covid-19 pandemic on the other. Drawing on a recent trip to some Spanish repositories, they also discuss the difficulties involved in doing archival research in the age of coronavirus. 

The Myth of Homogeneity is a research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and hosted at the Graduate Institute. For more information visit





Photo credit: Joan Brucet.