18 May 2020

Joost Pauwelyn nominated as arbitrator for the MPIA

The EU has nominated Prof. Joost H. B. Pauwelyn as its candidate for the pool of 10 standing arbitrators for the multi-party interim appeal arbitration arrangement (MPIA), a temporary solution in the absence of an operational WTO Appellate Body.

Joost PAUWELYN PROFESSOR, INTERNATIONAL LAW Co-Director of the Centre for Trade and Economic Integration

The Multi-party interim appeal arbitration arrangement (MPIA) is a stopgap solution that allows participant WTO members to have access to a 2-step dispute settlement system in the WTO, including the availability of an independent and impartial appeal stage. It is in effect since 30 April 2020, when the EU and 18 other WTO members notified the arrangement to the WTO. It will apply until the WTO’s Appellate Body is once again able to function.

The MPIA aims to have a pool of 10 standing arbitrators that can deal with any appeals between MPIA participants. The EU nominated Prof. Joost Pauwelyn on the 13th of May. More details can be found HERE.

“The EU has nominated its candidate for the pool of arbitrators to serve under the MPIA. This is an important step forward in making the system operational as quickly as possible. It sends an important signal to the WTO membership that participating WTO members are ready to take concrete action to safeguard an independent dispute settlement system with an appeal function. That is why I am encouraging other WTO members to join this temporary initiative, not just to safeguard their rights but to support a rules-based multilateral dispute settlement system which will be crucial in our economic recovery process”.  EU Commissioner Hogan, 13 May 2020