30 November 2023

A Letter of Thanks from Anesu Gamanya to the Geneva Graduate Institute

A graduate of the master in International Affairs, Trade & International Finance (‘19), Anesu Gamanya works closely with the Canadian Government to proactively influence policies and practices of Export Credit Agencies. Her sister, Cherish Gamanya is a graduate of the master in International Affairs and Global Health (‘22) and works with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. The sisters, who are already meaningfully giving back to the international community, recently shared a letter of thanks for their time at the Institute.

Kutenda kwa kitsi kuri mumoyo

The full gratitude of a cat is in its heart and can never be fully expressed or known to others.


- Shona (Zimbabwe) Proverb


I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to the Geneva Graduate Institute for your financial generosity in supporting  me and my sister’s, Cherish’s, education which allowed us to pursue the careers of our dreams  and ultimately contribute to global policies aimed at improving people’s lives just as the  scholarship from the Geneva Graduate Institute improved our lives. 

The scholarship lightened the financial burdens which allowed us to focus more on the most  important aspect of school – learning. Without this scholarship, we would not have the financial means to a world-class education and ultimately the global careers that we have now. 

Personally, when I applied, I stated in my motivation letter that my goal was to work as a  consultant with governments around the world to formulate policies that would eliminate the use of child labor in international trade. I now pursue a career as Senior Advisor, International Relations, at Export Development Canada where I influence global policies that govern international trade to ensure that they are inclusive and foster a sustainable future. For example, I work with governments to push for international policy, at the OECD, that advances the respect of human and environment rights in international trade, a line of work that is heavily influenced by the interdisciplinary education in International Affairs that combines studies in international trade and environment. When my sister applied her goal was to pursue a career in coordinating vaccination programmes in Zimbabwe which she has achieved through her current work as Senior Programme Assistant with GAVI. This is also thanks to the education and social capital she built at the Geneva Graduate Institute.  

Beyond the financial support, the non-financial support I received from teachers, career guidance  counselors, auxiliary staff and others went a long way in shaping my life and career choices. The  staff truly embodied and demonstrated the Geneva Graduate Institute’s mission and values which I have in turn embodied  in both my personal and work life. They made considerate effort in teaching me what it means  and how to leverage different disciplines to understand global challenges and formulate  solutions, values that are impacting how I approach my life and work today. 

The Geneva Graduate Institute experience greatly shaped my life for the better and in turn encouraged me to better  the lives of others. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to this and other communities. 

Thank you. Ndatenda