Global Governance Centre
09 October 2023

MAMMUNG Film Premiere

On 2 November at 20:30, Cinélux in Geneva will premiere the movie MAMMUNG, created by Lillian Robb and Maevia Griffiths.

Lillian Robb, a researcher at the Global Governance Centre, and Maevia Griffiths (MDEV 22), both graduates of the Geneva Graduate Institute, have collaborated on a film that explores a topic from Lillian's PhD research. Lillian joined forces with Maevia, a skilled storyteller and human rights filmmaker, to create MAMMUNG.


Film description

MAMMUNG is the Noongar name for the whale: A creature that carries songs and stories through the world's oceans, transmitting them from the Perth Canyon to all the continents of the globe. 

In this film, MAMMUNG tells the story of a period of climatic change that rivals the one we are seeing today. 10,000 years ago, Western Australia experienced rapid sea-level rise. The film explores Noongar memory of this event, following Dr Noel Nannup in recalling the significance of places that are now below the sea and the dramatic process of change that indigenous people endured. 

It challenges us to ask: can we learn to understand and value this rich body of knowledge as we too adapt to a changing climate? And what awaits us if we don't?


Mammung poster

Get tickets at: Cinélux Séance Spéciale.