Migration talks
28 September 2023

Migration talks: a new event series of the Global Migration Centre

The Global Migration Centre launches a new event series with guest experts presenting the Graduate Institute community with ongoing research and analyses from a broad variety of fields and disciplines. Prof. James Hollifield will give the inaugural lecture on “Migration: Talking across disciplines”

Migration permeates multiple aspects of social and political lives, in interpersonal as much as in international relations. Despite its being a fact as old as humanity, migration is today both a challenge and an opportunity whose understanding passes through in-depth analyses as well as intellectual exchanges and cooperation. With the hope of favouring disciplinary mutual comprehension and widespread knowledge of migration’s complexities, the Global Migration Centre is happy to launch its fresh new initiative, ‘Migration Talks Series’, to start this coming Fall Semester 2023.

Each semester, the Global Migration Centre will have guest experts from a broad variety of fields and disciplines (such as History, Sociology, Anthropology, Economy, International Law, Political Science, and International Relations), presenting the Graduate Institute community with ongoing research and analyses. The events will consist of a presentation by the guest speaker, followed by a Q&A session, and represent a unique opportunity for students, doctoral candidates, and researchers, regardless of their fields of expertise, to network, discuss research, and foster interdisciplinary intellectual engagements over the crucial topic of migration in its multiple nuances.


The scheduled programme for the Fall Semester 2023 runs as follows:


Migration: Talking across disciplines

James Hollifield, Professor of Political Science at Southern Methodist University

9 October 2023, 12:15-13:15, Room A2 and online

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Immigration et Demande d’Asile: Quelles Sont Nos Capacités d’Accueil ?

Fraçois Héran, Professor of Sociology of Migrations at the Collège de France,

23 October 2023, 18:15-19:30, Room S5 and online

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One Life, Many Worlds: a Mid-Century Migrant’s Journey

Elizabeth Buettner, Professor of Modern History at the University of Amsterdam

6 November 2023, 18:15-19:15, Room S4 and online

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South-South Migration and the Law from Below

Oreva Olakpe, Researcher in International Law of Migration at Toronto Metropolitan University

22 November 2023, 18:15-19:15, Room S7 and online

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We are looking forward to having you at our events. Check out our webpage, newsletter and social media outlets for further information and updates on the ‘Migration Talks Series’ and the Global Migration Centre’s initiatives.