Anthropology and Sociology
24 September 2019

National Borders and Social Boundaries: the Case of Friuli and Beyond

Professor Alessandro Monsutti organised a Workshop in Ljubljana on Friday 20th September 2019.


Professor Alessandro Monsutti hosted a workshop at the University of Ljubljana. This workshop is based upon Professor Monsutti's research project, 'National Boarders and Social Boundaries: the Case of Friuli'.

The aim of this research project is to contribute to this debate with a political anthropology of the changing nature of Italy’s northeast borderland, a very contested region and the point of encounter in Europe for speakers of Romance, Slavic and Germanic languages. The project focuses specifically on the region known as Slavia friulana (Province of Udine), where the majority of the population speak Slovenian dialects.

The papers produced from the workshop can be found below. Further information on this workshop can be found here.

Keywords: Alessandro Monsutti, Anthropology and Sociology, Global Migration Centre