Global Migration Centre
04 July 2022

New Publication by Dêlidji Eric Degila and Valeria Marina Valle

Prof. Degila and Valeria Marina Valle introduce “Governing Migration for Development from the Global Souths”, their coedited issue of the journal International Development Policy.

Governing Migration for Development from the Global Souths


Guest Editors, Prof. Dêlidji Eric Degila, Member of the Global Migration Steering Committee, and Valeria Marina Valle, Director of the Department of International Studies at Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México, introduce in the video below their co-edited volume of the journal International Development Policy, entitled Governing Migration for Development from the Global Souths.

The 14th thematic volume of International Development Policy provides perspectives through case studies from the global South(s) focusing on the challenges and opportunities of governing migration on multiple levels: the subnational, national, regional and international. It explores existing and new policies and frameworks in terms of their successes and best practices, and looks at them through the lens of additional challenges, such as those brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of nationalisms and an increase in xenophobia. The chapters also take the “5 Ps” approach to sustainable development (people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships) and assess how migration policies serve sustainable development in a rapidly evolving context.

Cite the volume:
Degila, Dêlidji Eric and Valeria Marina Valle (eds.) (2022) Governing Migration for Development from the Global Souths, International Development Policy | Revue internationale de politique de développement, 14 (Geneva, Boston: Graduate Institute Publications, Brill-Nijhoff).