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09 September 2022

New publications by Vincent Chetail

Prof. Vincent Chetail has recently published two chapters in leading edited volumes, one about the protection against expulsion and the other on countries of transit under international law.


Prof. Vincent Chetail has recently published two chapters in leading edited volumes.

The first publication provides an overview of the main substantive and procedural limitations to expulsion under international law. It is published in the Elgar Encyclopedia of Human Rights, the most comprehensive reference work in the field of international human rights protection.

The second publication is discussing the role of international law in relation to the responsibility of transit countries from various angles and perspectives, including international human rights law, the rights of neighbouring states, the law of collective security as well as the fight against the smuggling of migrants. This chapter is part of the edited volume Migrations et droit international, published by the French Society of International Law.

It can be consulted here


Elgar Encyclopedia of Human Rights


Elgar Encyclopedia of Human Rights


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eds. Elgar Encyclopedia of Human Rights.
Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2022.

Migrations et droit international


Migrations et droit international, Migrations et droit international


Chetail, Vincent, International Responsibility and Migration: States of Transit under the Review of International Law
(Responsabilité internationale et flux migratoires: le droit international à l'épreuve des Etats de transit) (May 26, 2022).
Migrations et droit international, Société française de droit international,
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